The renowned Catalan chef David Reartes heads up this urban gastrobar which pays tribute to both creative and everyday tapas.

David has preserved here the same work ethos he has developed over the years and which has become a hallmark of his kitchens: simple tapas but made with love and care, and based on high quality local products.

Therefore, whilst his menu is full of traditional tapas, such as ham croquettes, Andalusian calamari, plates of Iberian ham or sausage; there are also unique and more creative options which surprise and excite. The upside-down egg with creamy potato and sobrasada flakes, or the beef coal-smoked in a “Café de Paris” sauce are some such examples.

Reart is a warm bar; one to experience with all the senses. Enjoy tasty tapas in an atmosphere which is lively, yet relaxed and informal. The kitchen is open plan, so you can witness the great work of David and his team.



Ibiza’s products, its flavours, and very essence are present in every dish at Reart. David is involved with the “Ibiza Taste” project; established by the local council and committed to promoting the reputation and values of the island's products. To that extent our raw produce, local and high quality, shapes the menu through the year, according to seasonal availability.

From our own orchard in summer we collect a bountiful supply of tomatoes, aubergines and peppers. The autumn provides us with figs and pickles. And winter? That’s the time for soups and broths. As such, each season dictates the theme of the menu, and never ceases to bring new surprises which accompany our traditional classics such as our patatas bravas or steak tartare.

Finally, top it off with a nice fresh beer or a quality wine such as a “Cocinillas”; a glass based on syrah and garnacha grapes, created by David himself in collaboration with the Jiménez Landi vineyard.

Creative tapas, relaxing atmosphere, urban bar!

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Tapas is one of the greatest traditions in our country.

During summer, we have the cool of the terrace, in winter the warmth of the heaters.  Don’t ever miss the opportunity to catch up with friends, colleagues, family...and enjoy some tapas!  One of the highlights of the week!

In Ibiza our tapas bar can be found right in the centre: we are located in the heart of the city.  Our bar is modern, spacious and open.  It is the perfect location in which to enjoy quality everyday tapas or choose something more adventurous and exciting.

Our kitchen is open plan, for all to see.  As such the imagination and creativity is always present; an environment in which David and his team carefully prepare intense, unique flavours in memorable tapas creations.

If you want to sample ideas which go against the norm, don’t miss the chance: ask for a menu and prepare to be seduced by our inventive ideas.  What could be more classic than our patatas bravas or ham croquettes, or more creative than our upside-down egg with creamy potato and sobrasada flakes?
Don’t let the moment pass...grab a menu! Our team at Reart is confident that your experience will be perfect and that you will be fully on-board with our slogan: Eat to be happy!


Reart distinguished as the “Restaurant Revelation 2017”

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This May the Gastronomic Journalists and Writers of the Balearics Association held its annual awards, for which the theme was the restoration of Ibicenco cuisine.  At these awards Reart was honoured to receive the award for “Restaurant Revelation 2017”.

In a ceremony which took place in the Es Polvori salon, our project, less than one year from its conception, was the winner of the section: “modern bar of the highest quality”.  It was a genuine honour to receive this award.  We were particularly proud to do so alongside the winners of other categories, which in our opinion are the standard bearers in Ibicenco cuisine: ca n'Alfredo, Can Pau, Can Domo, Sa Brisa, and the local product “Sal de Ibiza”.
It was an evening full of warmth, hope and trust.  An evening which celebrated the great works which are created in Ibicenco kitchens.  An evening to acknowledge and respect this earth and celebrate its natural products.

We want to offer a huge debt of gratitude to the Association for recognising the depth of work which goes into each one of our tapas creations; through which we hope to satisfy our customers with the classic flavours, but also excite them with new and inventive dishes.

Guia Michelin
Restaurant Guru